Healing America

Provocation by the Plymouth Herald

A letter from Geoffrey Brooking damming Trump with faint praise and the casual assumption that he left office on a bad note. 

He further asserted that the Republicans need to heal and that there are no better men for the job than Mike Pence and Lyndsey Graham.


My Response

Geoffrey Brooking (January 22) is fully entitled to endorse the partisan opinion that the Republican Party needs to heal, but it is America that is divided, not the Republican Party.

As the American anthem was played at a recent soccer match (yes, some Americans do play football), seven members of the US Women’s National Team knelt down and four of them stood up.

The only person who can heal the deep divisions in American society is my fellow Catholic, President Joe Biden, and I very much fear that he is not up to the task.



The information about the MLK Day match between Columbia and the US National Women’s Team comes from U.S. Soccer Star Carli Lloyd Explains Why She Stood For The National Anthem (breitbart.com)


Published: Plymouth Herald on Thursday 28th 2021 with the title “America is divided, not just the Republican Party

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