Hope for a more compassionate Future

Provocation in the Plymouth Herald

An article by George Moohead, comprehensively disparaging President Trump, lightly deprecating Boris Johnson, flattering Joe Biden, and eulogising Nelson Mandela.



My Response

George Muirhead (article, 23rd January) stands a better chance of living in a more compassionate future than most of the other Trump bashers because he has correctly identified the root cause of the divisions in Western European society: Destruction of the idea that truth exists.

It is arguable that Trump supporters are the only Americans who still cling to their guns, their Bibles, and their old-fashioned opinions that truth is absolute and that hyperbolic rhetoric should be socially acceptable.

Perhaps we should consider the possibility that they see the world as it really is and act accordingly.


Perhaps it is time for everyone to read “Theology and Sanity” by F J Sheed (Published 1948).

I have had a copy of it for many years, but I only just got round to reading the introduction and part of the first chapter.

I have a feeling that reading it properly and thinking about what it says may help me to understand why political correctness looks a lot like insanity.

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