Theology and Sanity

Provocation by the Plymouth Herald

An article with the title “humility and faith needed in Covid fight” by Philip Bowern. Thursday January 28th 2021.

My Response

It is regrettable that Philip Bowern used Covid-19 as an excuse for talking about religion, but he is a really good writer.

After reading his article (“Humility and faith needed in Covid fight”, January 28th 2021), I very nearly wept for the poor old Members of Parliament who have no plan, no strategy, and no tactics except claiming that they are doing their best.

It is certainly true that many people have complained about unfairness and restrictions but we only do that because most of us do not bother to consult a dictionary before we try to express our outrage about denial of fundamental human rights and the fury we feel about the humiliation of being treated like cattle by the very same politicians who looked the other way as nine million humans were put to death in our abortion clinics.

Mr Bowen’s article proves nothing except the fairly obvious fact that dithering is always a mistake. He most certainly did not prove that governments can keep us safe from war, famine, pestilence, inequality, and climate change if we just give them absolute power.

He didn’t even mention the rather obvious danger of accidentally creating an all-powerful atheist state that will deliver nothing except an equal amount of misery for all except those who are deemed to be part of the elite.

As far as I can tell, the essence of Mr Bowen’s argument is that people who agree with him are the only ones who see the world as it really is, therefore we should all defer to his opinion.

That’s not exactly a new opinion and it was thoroughly debunked by F J Sheed in his book “Theology and Sanity”, back in 1947.

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