Freedom of Speech is a Human Right

Provocation in the Plymouth Herald

A letter containing the words “… with the right to free speech comes accountability for the effect their wild utterances have on the uninformed. Accordingly, rash and unfounded claims that the Covid virus is nothing more than conspiracy concocted by the government, is dangerous in the extreme.”

The rest of the letter does not contain the words “Hanging is too good for people who refuse to be vaccinated”, but the sentiment is clear.

My Response

Like Howard Hughes, John L Horsham (“Duty to society should override free speech”, February 6th) is fully entitled to destroy the quality of his own life by living in abject fear of contagion, but he has no right at all to be afraid of free speech.

Freedom of speech is far less dangerous than the idea that censorship and draconian punishments will make the world a better place.

Should more have been said?

Perhaps I could have made the point that freedom of speech does not confer accountability; it confers responsibility to listen to the arguments of others and refute their arguments.

Perhaps I could have suggested the defending idiots from censorship is the price you have to pay for not being censored yourself.

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