Commandments, Laws, and Rules


Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Social Welfare, has been found guilty of failing to publish details of public spending on personal protection equipment, and nothing happened. He did not resign. He was not sacked, fined, or imprisoned. The fraud squad did not start an investigation into every penny that was spent by his department while he was in charge.

He did go on television and tell everyone that he did it to save lives and the mainstream media moved on without explicitly saying that there is nothing to see here.


Yet another letter in my local newspaper saying that people must follow the rules so that old people can feel safe when they want to go for a walk on Plymouth Hoe.

My Response

Another day, another claim that people are not following “the rules” when they go for a walk on the Hoe.

Situation normal on the “Letters” page of the Plymouth Herald (March 2nd), but the Ten Commandments, the law of the land, and the rules of social interaction have never, ever, been exactly the same thing and the gaps keep getting wider and wider.

Just last month, Matt Hancock broke the laws designed to protect the public purse from corrupt practices and nothing happened because he is above suspicion and he only did it to save lives.

As I write this letter, the law and half the society in which we live say that delivering leaflets before March 8th is indefensible.

On the other hand, every pro-life leaflet can potentially save a life, and electing a pro-life government could potentially save 500 lives a day, but we all know what would happen if anybody was daft enough to think that Matt Hancock’s excuse would work for anybody else.

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