Truth or Opinion

Excuse for writing a letter

Using the title “difference between ‘truth’ and ‘opinion'”, the Plymouth Herald published a letter from someone called David Salmon about Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan and Harry. Mr Salmon took great exception to Oprah’s use of the phrase “your truth” when talking to Meghan.

Absolutely right of course, but some years ago, Mr Salmon was the South-West Regional director for UKIP and he was seriously evasive about UKIP’s abortion policy.

First he claimed that UKIP did not have an abortion policy, then he claimed that he had already answered my question, and then he finally admitted that UKIP had a firm policy that every woman has a right to choose and that governments have no right restrict abortion.

My Response

David Salmon (“Difference between ‘truth’ and ‘opinion'”, March 12th) is absolutely right. There is no such thing as ‘your truth’ or ‘my truth’, but Oprah Winfrey’s verbal gymnastics are no more proof of bias than misdirection or evasion.

If my memory serves me correctly, it took me several letters to the editor to force Mr Salmon, who was then the regional director for UKIP, to admit that he was mistaken when he said that UKIP had no policy about abortion.

Now that Mr Salmon has severed his ties with UKIP, may I suggest that it is time for him to admit the obvious truth that babies in the womb are young humans or admit that his opinions about abortion are biased.

Will this letter do any good?

As usual, I have absolutely no idea whether this letter will do any good at all, but it only took me an hour and a half to write it, so I might as well publish it in ProLifeLetters and send it off to the Plymouth Herald.

Anyway, I must dash off now because I am now standing as a candidate for the local council on behalf of the Heritage Party, which really does appear to be socially conservative, fiscally conservative, and traditionally conservative.

I have committed myself to delivering leaflets tomorrow and I have already got the Heritage Party leaflets and some Pro-Life pregnancy support leaflets, but I have not yet printed my own “Vote for Me” leaflets which are traditional in such situations.



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