Time to talk about Abortion

By now, 55 years after abortion was legalised, most people know that anti-abortion campaigners hold the religious or philosophical opinion that all innocent humans have a right to live, and the scientific opinion that the DNA evidence is relevant to any discussion about abortion, but what has the general public noticed about the pro-choice supporters?

Have they noticed that none of the pro-choice supporters have ever admitted that their religion or philosophy teaches that some innocent humans do not have a right to live?

Have they noticed that pro-choice supporters always respond to the DNA evidence by ignoring it or asserting that their religion or philosophy teaches them that life does not begin at conception?

Despite my opinion that pro-choice supporters are inadvertently complicit in a crime against humanity, I do respect the dignity and worth of people who imagine that I did not become human until I popped out of my mother’s womb.

It is time for pro-choice supporters to show their respect for pro-life campaigners by providing a rational and scientific explanation for their opinion that the DNA evidence is not relevant to a discussion about abortion.

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