Unorthodox Theology

Grenville Gilbert (“Christianity should be about love, not dogma”, February 1st) is entitled to his opinion that love is love, but love cannot change biological reality and his unorthodox theology affects all issues of sexual morality, not just gay marriage.

Love for women who have been raped does not change the fact that life begins at conception. Love for men who think they are transgender does not change the fact that they are physically capable of rape. Love for people experiencing same-sex attraction does not change the fact that they cannot perform the marital act. Love for sexually frustrated people does not change the fact that abstinence is the only contraceptive with a 100% rate of success.

I think that modern sexual morality is based on vague impractical theology and that orthodox Christian sexual morality is based on reality.

Christianity should be about love, not dogma

Was the title of the published letter and it was pure modernist propaganda, with the central claim that love has to be unconditional.

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