Unjust Laws will be enforced by the Police

Breaking the law is always indefensible

I strongly disagree with the opinions expressed by PCC Alison Hernandez in the article¬†(“Enforcement is proper last resort”, December 30th).

Breaking the law is always indefensible becuase it is illegal for defendents to argue that unjust laws are not valid. Fine speeches about responsibility and self-sacrifice are nothing more than window-dressing that hides the difference between justice and fairness.


There are millions of perfectly sensible voters who think that our government is sleepwalking towards tyranny by failing to defend basic human rights.

We all use different terminology to describe the totalitarian tendency, which makes it very easy to mock us, but it is a real problem with real
implications for real people, and it is a good deal more dangerous than Covid-19.

This letter was published in the Plymouth Herald on Friday January 1st 2021

The Covid Lockdown laws were unjust because the government behaved as if Covid-19 is ten times more dangerous than the Black Death. Confining us to our houses for 22 hours a day shows a serious lack of respect for the dignity and worth of those who noticed that the lockdowns did more damage to the common good than the disease itself. Opposing Covid lockdowns is a valid pro-life activity.

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