Think Long

IT IS a pity D Carter was upset about the pro-life demonstration at what he describes as a ‘family event’. That surely was the whole point.

Abortion has shattered many families and remains public enemy number one for families and society in general. Sadly we shall never know what contributions these innocents could have made to our society.

We ignore the effects of abortion at our peril. The demographics make frightening reading. In 30-40 years time, the pro-choice lobby – and indeed all of society – will find it difficult to access health care and a host of other facilities which we take for granted because there simply won’t be enough doctors, nurses, carers, teachers etc available to serve us.


Dress it up as much as you like but the simple fact is that it involves the wilful killing of innocents who apparently have no human rights.

Tony Waring

Published in the Plymouth Herald on Saturday May 26 2012

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