You are Not Alone

And you are visiting a web site called “Pro Life Letters” which exists so that pro life campaigners can form a community of letter-writers who help and encourage each other.

If you read books like “CLOSED – 99 ways to stop abortion” by Joseph M. Scheidler, Chapter 10, “Letters to the Editor” makes it sound so easy, and it probably is easy for people who are really good with words, but the rest of us need a bit of help.

Pro-Life Websites such as Priests for Life often have a few Sample Pro-Life Letters such as the examples here, but my single biggest
problem has always been finding a local excuse to talk about abortion.

Sharing our letters should help us all.

Life is not a single issue

Because abortion on demand up till birth is not just a crime against the humanity of babies in the womb, it is also a major symptom of living in a society which thinks that the ends justify the means.

The “Just stop Oil” movement has vandalised supermarkets in our major cities and endangered public safety without anything more than half-hearted apologies and comments about such things being counter-productive. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has vandalised statues across the UK and burnt down whole city blocks in America without much more than a claim that the protests were mostly peaceful.

We have a civic duty to oppose these movements without forgetting our Christian duty to get our priorities right.

Bernard John Toolan – November 2022