You are not Alone

And you are visiting a web site called “Pro Life Letters” which exists so that pro life campaigners can form a community of letter-writers who help and encourage each other.

If you read books like “CLOSED – 99 ways to stop abortion” by Joseph M. Scheidler, Chapter 10, “Letters to the Editor” makes it sound so easy, and it probably is easy for people who are really good with words, but the rest of us need a bit of help.

Pro-Life Websites such as Priests for Life often have a few Sample Pro-Life Letters such as the examples here, but my single biggest problem has always been finding a local excuse to talk about abortion.

Sharing our letters should help us all.

Life is not a Single Issue

Abortion on demand up till birth is a crime against the humanity of babies in the womb. It is also an indication that we live in a society with insufficient respect for the dignity and worth of anyone who does not fit into one of the approved “victim” groups.

We need to build a pro-life political party and start winning elections in order to change the law. That’s the main reason why the Americans repealed Roe v Wade in fifty years and we are no closer to success now than we were in 1967.

Unless you believe that one of our big two political parties is on the verge of becoming pro-life, you need to think about respect for the dignity and worth of individuals in a variety of complicated situations and get used to discussing these things in public.

Initially this website will just be a blog of my letters to my local paper. Sadly, the visual presentation is boringly plain rather than elegantly simple, there are few posts on the Letters page, and everything else is incomplete. Bernard John Toolan. 17th July 2024.

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