You are Not Alone

And you are visiting a web site called “Pro Life Letters” which exists so that pro life campaigners can form a community of letter-writers who help and encourage each other.

If you read books like “CLOSED – 99 ways to stop abortion” by Joseph M. Scheidler, Chapter 10, “Letters to the Editor” makes it sound so easy, and it probably is easy for people who are really good with words, but the rest of us need a bit of help.

Pro-Life Websites such as Priests for Life often have a few Sample Pro-Life Letters such as the examples here, but how do you work in a reference to abortion when everyone else is talking about something like the “Black Lives Matter” movement?

What do you do if your local paper doesn’t print your letter? Should you rewrite it time and time again until they do print it, or should you submit it to us in the hope that someone can help you or use your letter as the template for a letter to their local paper?

My main motivation for creating this blog is the hope that other pro-lifers will help me, but it is perhaps possible that I (or anyone who becomes a member) can help you.

Life is not a single issue

Because abortion on demand up till birth is not just a crime against the humanity of babies in the womb, it is also the main symptom of a real problem which has the potential to destroy western civilisation.

Our ruling elites and the bemused majority have seriously different opinions about human rights, including the right to life, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and heaven only knows what else.

No-one can doubt that the list includes freedom of choice unless you slept through the last few years without noticing that you were forbidden to leave your house for more than two hours at a time and then forced to have an injection against Covid-19 if you wanted to keep your job.

Fifty-five years after abortion was legalised in this country it is time to recognise that the Americans repealed Roe v Wade in less than fifty years because they realised that democratic victory is impossible if you don’t have a pro-life political party with policies for running the entire country.



I also want to share and spread my opinion that the United Kingdom needs at least two pro-life political parties in order to ensure that abortion stops being a divisive issue after we have made it illegal again.

Bernard John Toolan – July 2022