Anti-Genocide is Pro-Life

Don’t mince words over Hamas terror attack

The BBC coverage of the 7th October terrorist attack on Israel has been a thoroughly deplorable display of terminological inexactitude.

Time and time again the BBC talks about people being abducted, kidnapped, and taken hostage. All these terms are technically correct, but the medieval word “enslaved”, with all its terrible implications is the only correct word to describe the horror of being captured by psychopathic soldiers who enjoy torturing people.

Rescuing the citizens of Israel is a moral imperative for the government of Israel.

Ensuring that the citizens of Gaza do not suffer should be a moral imperative for the government of Gaza, but the BBC doesn’t seem to have noticed.

Israelis right to remove terrorists from borders

Protecting Jews from anti-semitic genocidal terrorists should not be a partisan political issue.

Freedom of choice is a gift from God, but some choices are a moral imperative.

I stand with Israel.

Support for Palestine is West’s moral failure

John L Horsham (“Hamas broke ceasefire which was in place”, November 17th) is quite right, but the behaviour of the “bleeding hearts” of the anti-war faction of the Labour Party is nothing more than a symptom of the moral failure of the Western democracies.

Many people in Western Europe have difficulty telling the difference between a war and a just war and very little understanding of the difference between evil and suffering.

Just wars have to be won because the alternative is permanent and almost unimaginable horror.

I think that everyone should stand by Israel and I am grateful for the support of Rodger Ruse (“Peace is not possible until Hamas is wiped out”, November 17th).

War will only end when Hamas are destroyed

Like Pontefract Castle, the main feature of the Hamas stronghold in Gaza is a huge network of tunnels which allow the terrorists to hide whenever the IDF is attacking, and ambush the IDF whenever they relax their vigilance.

Like many other mainstream media outlets, the BBC does not seem to understand that the war in Gaza will only be over when every tunnel has been collapsed and every terrorist attempt to hide inside the civilian population has been thwarted.

By the grace of God, my knowledge of warfare comes only from history books, but there is no shortage of ex-servicemen in Plymouth and I would appreciate their opinion about the BBC coverage of the war in Gaza.

The war in the Holy Land is not like the war in the Ukraine

Tony Staunton (“Peace cannot be just for Christmas”, December 27th) shares the opinion that the war in the Holy Land is nothing more than a dispute about territory, just like the war in the Ukraine.

His analysis of the problem is fatally flawed by ignoring the rather obvious reality that Islam has been riven by schism for centuries. Like Christians who support abortion, Islamic terrorists honestly believe that their religion condones crimes against humanity.

I stand with Israel because the Islamic terrorists have enthusiastically embraced evil.

This final letter in the series has not yet been published in the Plymouth Herald

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